Monique Hawkins - Author

2016 Releases: The Lycon Love Series

Coles Mate- Cole is the Alpha of the Pleasant Valley wolf pack, who falls in love with a woman by the name of Kendra Kelly. He has been dreaming about his ebony mate her for the past two years, when a storm brings them together.

Kane’s Mate- Kane is the Beta of the Pleasant Valley wolf pack, who falls head over heels for a beautiful ebony woman by the name of Toi Green. Toi is also the best friend of Kendra. Toi's sassy attitude is what keeps Kane from getting her in his bed the day they met. Now he must conscience Toi she belongs to him.

A Mate For Tammy- Anthony, or Tony as he prefers to be called dated Tammy who one day decided she wanted to travel and see the world. When she left Tony was heartbroken; now Tammy has returned to Pleasant Valley and hopes to pick up where she left off with Tony.

Malcolm's Revenge- Malcolm never got over Kendra leaving her and then he finds out Kane has taken yet another one of his dancers. Without his two headliners, The Pretty Kitty eventually goes out of business. Malcolm wants Kane and Cole to pay for making him lose his business.

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