Monique Hawkins - Author
The Warehouse: Third Shift

When the sun sets, the world takes on a completely new life.  What was is not and what is; well let us just say it is not explainable. Shape shifters are those who walk among us but only at night and if you are fortunate enough to see them for yourself and you live to tell about it, count yourself lucky. Should you come across one, remember they are never what they appear to be.
 Keep in mind only a few people will actually survive these chance encounters with the strange and unusual.  It has been said the night holds a lot of secrets, unexplainable and unimaginable things, and mayhem.  In the end, our lives on this earth are short, shorter for some than for others.  This is why you need to make the most of it.  You never know when today or tonight might be your last!
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